Discrimination can occur during the interview process 

Jan 26, 2023 | Employment Law (Employee)

When thinking about workplace discrimination, we often think of this as harassment and other discriminatory conduct that occurs on the job. While this is one type of discrimination, and it can have an extremely negative impact on the victim, there are other ways that discrimination can occur. 

Discrimination during the interview process is frequently overlooked, but it definitely happens and the impacts can also be devastating for those on the receiving end. What does discrimination during an interview look like? 

Being refused the job on discriminatory grounds 

A prospective employer is perfectly entitled to look at the experience, credentials, references and work ethic of job candidates, but they must give everyone a fair chance. 

For example, an individual may be fully qualified for the role and able to do the job, but the employer thinks they are too old because they are over 40. This is not a valid reason to reject a qualified candidate and it could amount to age discrimination. 

Refusing to make accommodations 

Millions of people in America live with a disability and these vary in severity. Often, with a few reasonable accommodations, disabled individuals are able to do the job up to the level or even better than co-workers. 

If you attend an interview and the employer suggests that they do not consider people with disabilities, not only is this offensive, but it is likely to amount to discrimination. 

You should never be singled out based on the protected characteristics of age, ethnicity, religion, gender or disabilities. If you’ve been treated poorly during an interview, make sure you look into your legal options

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