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Sitting Down To Answer Your Questions About Workers’ Comp

We understand that if you suffered an injury at work, you probably have countless questions about workers’ compensation. From filing the initial claim to receiving your benefits, you are having a difficult time even making sense of it all. You can turn to our attorneys for answers. At Stark Law Group, LLC, we have more than 15 years of experience helping the injured workers of Lancaster. Below, you can read some of our answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions.

How much is my workers’ comp claim worth?

The amount of workers’ comp benefits you receive depends on the severity of your injuries. Minor injuries might require only a few hundred dollars in compensation. Claims involving severe, life-altering injuries may range into hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you sit down with a lawyer, you can get a better idea of your claim’s value.

How long will my case take?

Receiving your check in the mail usually takes a few weeks. In some cases where the insurance company denied a claim and you need to file a series of appeals, it may take years. We will try to make sure that your claim goes as fast as possible so you can receive benefits ASAP.

What if my claim is denied?

Do not give up hope. Thousands of workers’ comp claims receive denials the first time around. You have the right to file an appeal with your local Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Office. The second time around, it is crucial that you have an attorney to guide you through the steps, strengthen your claim and give you every advantage possible so you can recover the benefits you deserve.

Should I speak with the other driver’s insurance company if they call me?

Do not speak with any insurance company representatives. Insurance providers are for-profit companies. They do not want to pay the full settlement. Claims adjusters and other representatives sometimes use certain strategies to get you to admit fault, even if you had no part in the accident. Before you speak with anyone from the insurer, speak with a lawyer.

More Questions? Ask Us In Person.

We hope that these answers gave you some of the guidance you needed. Granted, you probably have dozens of other questions about workers’ compensation. When you speak with one of our team members in an initial consultation, you will receive advice regarding your rights and your options. Call us at 717-573-7321, call our toll-free number at 855-336-5456 or send us an email to set up that initial consultation.