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When facing work-related problems like on-the-job injuries, accommodations for disabilities or violations of your rights as a worker, you need a legal advocate, someone who knows the law and is committed to helping you protect your rights in the legal process. Having the right lawyer on your side can be the difference that helps you get the outcome you need in the workplace. At Stark Law Group, LLC, attorney Eric Stark brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge and personalized care for our clients. He has more than 15 years of legal experience, and he understands the legal landscape. Our legal team provides strong legal advocacy for clients throughout Pennsylvania. We understand the power imbalance between you and your employer. We also understand the challenges of facing the legal system for workplace injuries and serious disability claims. Our team offers strong legal advocacy to protect your interests.


A Responsive Legal Team

We are here for you. At Stark Law Group, LLC, you will never be just a case number. We are a family-focused law firm that truly cares about our clients. For our clients, this focus translates to responsiveness. We not only return calls and other inquiries as quickly as possible but also pre-emptively reach out to our clients to discuss any significant case-related events. We work with each client personally. We want to give our clients a personalized experience, working together to articulate the goals of representation and create a solid plan that will protect their interests in the legal system. Throughout Pennsylvania, our clients are consistently impressed with the personalized, down-to-earth approach we take. As a lawyer, Eric Stark spent time representing employers in workers’ compensation defense cases. He founded this firm because he wanted to represent individuals and wanted to provide more personalized service. Although we are friendly and relatable with our clients, we are aggressive and effective with their opposition. When we have to take a client’s case to court, we advocate aggressively for our clients’ interests. Our primary job is to make sure your rights and interests are protected and that you are placed in the best possible position to get the compensation you need.

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