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What Type Of Benefits Workers Compensation Will I Get?

Understanding the types of workers’ compensation benefits available is not easy. It is one more stressful task on your already full plate of attending medical appointments, catching up on work and handling your family life. When you need a legal adviser to help you understand workers’ compensation benefits, you can turn to us at Stark Law Group, LLC.

We help Lancaster workers understand their options and their rights when it comes to workplace injuries. For more than 15 years, our lawyers have sat down with regular workers to discuss the types of benefits they could recover.


Workers’ Comp Benefits: What To Know

Pennsylvania offers six forms of benefits for injured workers. These benefits include:

  1. Permanent injury benefits: Lifelong injuries such as amputation, disfigurement and scarring qualify for these financial benefits.
  2. Partial disability benefits: If your injury prevents you from working at your full potential, these benefits can make up for lost income.
  3. Total disability benefits: Total disability benefits are meant to support you if you can no longer work at all following a workplace accident.
  4. Health care costs: Workers’ compensation covers your medical expenses, including doctors’ appointments and hospital visits.
  5. Ongoing care costs: These benefits allow you to pay for care that you may need throughout your life due to your injury.
  6. Death benefits: If a workplace accident killed your loved one, you can get coverage for funeral and burial expenses.

You might be eligible for more than one form of workers’ compensation benefits. For instance, if you have a permanent injury that leaves you unable to work at full capacity, you might recover both permanent injury benefits and partial disability benefits. Because we have worked with thousands of injured workers, we can explain the benefits for which you qualify and answer your questions.

Discuss How To Get The Benefits You Need

It is not always easy to recover a fair settlement from your employer’s insurer. Fortunately, we have the skill and experience to help you. Call our office at 717-573-7321 (toll-free at 855-336-5456) or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation about workers’ compensation.