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Despite you putting in hours upon hours of loyal work, your employer wrongfully fired you. You might feel angry, overwhelmed and powerless in this situation. But when you work with Stark Law Group, LLC, you have determined, caring legal allies in your corner.

Our lawyers have spent more than 15 years handling all aspects of Pennsylvania employment law, including wrongful termination allegations. Having represented both employees and employers, we know what each side is looking for when it comes to investigating, documenting and handling a claim.


Understanding Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer violates state and federal employment law by firing an employee. Some common examples include firing someone:

  • Based on their age, race, gender, nation of origin, religion or disability
  • For reporting an employment law violation
  • For reporting a safety violation
  • For reporting sexual harassment
  • For reporting workplace discrimination
  • In breach of their contract

The most common remedy for wrongful termination is monetary compensation. Employers can sometimes avoid litigation by giving severance pay plus other damages, offering the employee’s position back or penalizing the supervisor responsible for the termination. In some cases, though, the best option for the fired employee is to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit.

We Have Seen Both Sides Of The Issue

Before starting , attorney Eric Stark was a defense lawyer for private employers. This means that when our team represents employees, we have invaluable inside knowledge about how to build a successful case. For employers, it means that we have years of experience in employment law defense.

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