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Client Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about the Stark Law Group. I’ve never encountered such a compassionate law team. Eric and Cortney took the time to understand my issue, answer every question I had, and ensure the best outcome. They are patient and caring about their clients. I would highly recommend the team!” — Susan

“Eric Stark and his team truly care about you and your needs. They will give you the best advice they can but also allow you to make your decisions. They are very good with communication and never keep you in the dark. Even if there are no updates they reach out to you and explain what may be happening. I am truly grateful for them.” — Caitlin

“Very welcoming! Stark Law Group was very helpful with advice and could not have been more considerate and empathetic. I would be happy to utilize their services again in the future. Excellent business model” — Anna

“I was experiencing some hardship with my employment and I do not think I would have been able to handle it without Stark Law Group LLC. When dealing with this delicate matter, I was given compassion, honesty, and treated with integrity from both Eric and Madison. The matter was handled very efficiently, and I was always kept in the loop knowing what the next steps would be and the information needed. All of my questions were always answered and things were always explained so that I could make the best decision for myself. I appreciate all Stark Law Group did for me! I highly recommend!” — Cheyenne C.

“Eric Stark helped me out in a really unfortunate situation. He went above and beyond what anyone else was willing to do to help me. He was professional and at the same time compassionate and understanding on a personal level. If I ever have any other legal issues in the future, I will definitely be contacting Stark Law.” — Katie R.

“I scheduled a 30-minute consultation call with attorney, Eric Stark. He was straightforward, honest. He never gave his personal opinion but prefaced all comments with “from a legal perspective.” Did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but I think that says a lot for his integrity.” — Karen M.

“Cortney was very willing to work with me regarding my concerns about employee rights and contracts. She went above and beyond and communicated with me every step of the way! I hope I never have employment issues again but of I do I guarantee that I will be reaching out to the stark law group again. If you want a friendly attorney that is more than willing to assist you then look no further than the stark law group they will stand beside you through the entire process! Thanks for all the help!” — Jeff I.