Employment Law

Employment Law

I have represented both employees and employers throughout Pennsylvania, which gives me a unique perspective on how and when to look to resolve these disputes versus litigate them to a conclusion.

In guiding a client toward a resolution or litigation, the most important factor that we consider is the client’s goals.  We establish those goals through a clear, straight-forward and honest conversation from the moment you become a client and steer our course of action to meet those goals from Day One.

A Guide Through the Process

I take a collaborative, not one-sided approach, to this type of case because that always yields the best outcome for the client.  

When litigation is the correct course for a case, client’s have a road-map from the outset.  Litigation is challenging both financially and emotionally, which is why it is important to have a clear path and goal-centered approach and outline from the beginning.

I help with:

  • Social Security Disability
  • Discrimination matters 
  • Wrongful termination matters 
  • Unemployment matters
  • Employment disputes  
  • Non-Compete Agreements and Employment Contracts
  • Policy questions 
  • In both state and federal courts

Before pen is put to paper, a client can expect a clear understanding of the game plan moving forward.

Litigation is also time-consuming so from the moment you walk in the door as a client, you will have a clear understanding of what that time commitment and expectation is from start to finish. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to an employment matter.  That is where creativity, problem-solving and experience come into play.

Assertive. Approachable. Responsive.

Clients can expect personal service, direct contact with Attorney Stark and responsiveness throughout the process.  A face-to-face/in-person meeting to address the case is always available. 

However, we also have the technology in place to meet clients’ ever-changing needs and desires to connect virtually, whether that is a phone call/conference or video meeting.