Were you singled out at work because of your religion?

Oct 4, 2022 | Employment Law (Employee)

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, prides itself on being a welcoming town. People of all backgrounds have made this location their home and also where they work.

Usually, individuals get along both in public and in the working environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Discrimination can occur and it is often based on religion. Outlined below are some more specific examples.

Direct discrimination

Direct discrimination occurs when someone has purposely been singled out and put at a disadvantage because of their religion. For instance, if you were refused a promotion purely on the basis of your religion, then this is direct discrimination. If you have been targeted with abuse and violence because of your religion, then this is direct discrimination.

Direct discrimination is unlawful and it can do lasting damage to those on the receiving end. An individual may no longer be able to work because of either physical or emotional trauma.

Indirect discrimination

Indirect discrimination can be more subtle. This type of discrimination occurs when a policy is put in place for all employees, but it impacts a specific group more than others. For instance, a dress code may be put in place for everyone, and the specific dress code only violates the principles of one religion.

You should be free to practice the religion of your choice without facing discrimination. Such conduct can leave you both physically and emotionally scarred. If your rights have been violated at work, make sure you seek some legal guidance.

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