Workplace discrimination could harm your small business

Dec 9, 2021 | Employment Law (Employer)

Employees in Pennsylvania have a right to work in a setting that is free from discrimination. The psychological harm that results from being discriminated against can be devastating. Not only does discrimination impact the person on the receiving end, but it can also affect the performance of your business. 

Combating discrimination is a legal requirement and it also makes sense from a business point of view. Outlined below are some ways that workplace discrimination could harm your small business.   

You could be held legally accountable

Being notified about a complaint of discrimination is a serious issue that needs to be addressed promptly. All workers are protected from discriminatory behavior at both state and federal levels. Therefore, if discrimination becomes apparent, then you must address it. 

At times, such issues can be resolved internally, through conversation, training and disciplinary procedures. However, where an affected party is not satisfied with the outcome, they could pursue a legal claim.   

Morale in the workplace could tank

There are numerous factors that contribute to the profitability of your company, with morale being one of them. Frequently, this is overlooked, but happier workers tend to be more productive

Discrimination has negative consequences for your entire workforce. Employees may wonder if they will be next to face hostile treatment, making even simply coming to work a daunting prospect. 

The damage to your reputation as a result of workplace discrimination could be catastrophic. Discrimination is an issue that warrants special consideration as well as efficient tools to counter it. If you are caught up in a discrimination dispute in Pennsylvania, it is vital to understand your legal rights as a small business owner. 

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