These 4 mistakes can hurt your workers’ compensation claim

Jan 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits can really come through after a workplace accident, from sorting out your medical expenses to paying a portion of your wages as you recover. However, you first have to get through the claims process to get them. Not everyone is successful at this.

Your actions or inactions after suffering a workplace accident may hurt your chances of getting the much-needed benefits. Therefore, it helps to understand the common mistakes you may be susceptible to and avoid them altogether. Discussed below are some of them.

Waiting too long before informing your employer

You should inform your employer of your accident as soon as it occurs. It is the first step towards getting workers’ compensation benefits.

Pennsylvania law requires you to give such notice after 21 days but affords an employee up to 120 days to notify their employer of a workplace injury. You risk forfeiting your workers’ compensation benefits if you go beyond the deadline. Still, it is not advisable to wait for so long since crucial evidence may wear away.

Not getting medical attention

Medical records are crucial to your claim. If you skip a visit to the doctor after a workplace injury, it may be impossible to show the severity of your injuries or justify why you cannot work after the accident. The insurer may also downplay your injuries or claim they were pre-existing if you do not seek treatment.

Failing to keep records

Documenting every aspect of your workplace accident could come in handy when there is uncertainty regarding the circumstances that led to your injuries. Record the time, date, eye witness accounts, and keep copies of your notification to your employer.

Having such information will help you give a consistent version of events since you are bound to forget some details if you commit everything to memory.

Not seeking help

You may not understand how everything works in the claims process or your legal rights as an injured employee. As a result, you are likely to get overwhelmed along the way or even get shortchanged and receive less than you deserve. Having the necessary legal assistance will help you avoid such instances.


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