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What causes work-related stress? 

Sep 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Companies tend to be under pressure to deliver high-quality services in efficient times. This burden is shared across the workplace. 

Unfortunately, there are occasions when one person may be forced to take on more pressure than they can handle. The result of this is work-related stress that can lead to mental health issues. 

What are the most common causes of work-related stress? 

Staffing shortages 

Many people are feeling the pinch right now and businesses are not immune from this. Cutbacks to staffing levels may have been made to keep the wage bill down. While this might help to keep the business afloat, it can have a knock-on effect on the remaining employees. A large proportion of employees suffer work-related stress because their workload is too high.

Unfair criticism 

Supervisors are tasked with ensuring that staff work to the best of their abilities. However, they are also responsible for their welfare. This is by no means an easy balance to strike. Occasionally, management may seek to shift the blame onto staff when something goes wrong. This is not always done in a fair and justifiable manner. Work-related stress is frequently caused by unfair criticism. This cannot be justified simply because supervisors are not happy with how things are going.  

A certain level of stress is to be expected in the workplace but this should never reach amounts that place your health in danger. If your mental health has deteriorated as a direct result of work-related stress, you could be entitled to compensation. Seeking legal guidance on the matter will give you a better indication of your options.  

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