What are some of the most dangerous jobs in Pennsylvania?

May 10, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvania is filled with many industries and many jobs. On any given day, these workers may face job-related hazards that lead to serious and life-changing injuries. They may be unable to work for weeks, months and years; some, even permanently disabled.

This makes one wonder: Just what are some of the more dangerous jobs in the Keystone State? A few stand out.

Transportation, agriculture and mining

Injured workers face a variety of injuries such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, loss of limbs and respiratory illnesses. Such injuries are suffered by workers in these dangerous jobs:

  • Transportation workers: Large truck operators hauling freight throughout the state may suffer debilitating and fatal injuries after a highway crash.
  • Construction workers: Among the hazards they face include falling from heights, electrocution, trapped in trenches and having heavy machinery falling on them.
  • Agriculture workers: Farmers, ranchers and other field workers are exposed to dangers such as being struck by transportation equipment, chemical exposure, heat exposure and being trapped in silos
  • Mining workers: The list of dangers includes explosions, electrocutions, falls from ladders, inhalation of coal dust and other minerals, excessive noise, cave-ins and toxic air that leads to respiratory illnesses
  • Public safety workers: Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians face physical assaults from suspects and the public along with exposure to diseases and toxic chemicals.
  • Manufacturing workers: These workers face job hazards such as objects falling on top of them and exposure to chemicals leading to eye and skin ailments as well as respiratory illnesses.
  • Landscaping workers: Tree trimmers and pruners face dangers such as falls from heights and electrocutions.

Injured workers must understand that workers’ compensation fills a need, helping them pay for their medical bills and for the loss of income while on the mend. And that they are eligible for these much-needed benefits.

Proper training and proper gear

Employers must properly train their workers and provide them with the proper personal protective equipment. They understand the dangers that their employees face, and they also understand that workers’ compensation benefits are available to any worker hurt on the job.

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