4 myths about workers’ compensation

Mar 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you’re seeking workers’ compensation for a workplace accident, it’s important for you to know the truth about certain myths that you may have heard before. If you believe these myths, there is a chance that you will be surprised when you don’t get the results from your claim that you expect.

Here are four myths to learn about, so you know what to expect when you make a claim.

  1. You get money right after you make a claim

It’s not likely that you will get money immediately after making a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, there will be a waiting period and claims process to complete. After your claim is investigated, you may have a payment approved, but that may take time. Expect some amount of back pay, because your claim may take longer than expected.

  1. The insurance company will offer maximum compensation

Never expect an insurance company to offer the maximum amount of compensation it can provide right away. Usually, insurance companies try to offer less in the hopes that someone will take a lower award.

Instead, avoid taking a settlement or offer until you know that it is fair.

  1. You can’t do anything if you want to keep workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is there to help you cover the cost of your care, lost wages and more. It can also help you get back to work. You should try to recover as much as possible while you’re receiving workers’ compensation. If your injury heals, the coverage may end, but that’s positive for you, too, since you’ll be in a position to return to work.

  1. You can’t afford a workers’ compensation attorney

Finally, don’t think that you can’t afford a workers’ compensation attorney. Many work on contingencies or have flat rates. Others will have hourly rates that you can review before you choose to work with them. It’s worth asking, because you may be surprised by how affordable it is to work with an attorney.

These are four myths that need to be dispelled. With the right help, you can focus on getting the maximum amount of compensation that is allowed, so you can spend less time thinking about money and more on recovering.

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