Why do you need to see a doctor if you are injured at work?

Nov 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you have an accident at work, you might put a brave face on it and battle on. That could be because you feel your employer depends on you. Or it might be because you worry they will fire you if you take time off for an injury.

First things first: While your employer may depend on you, that is not your problem. If they are understaffed, maybe they should do more to attract applicants. If no one else knows how to do a specific task, perhaps they should train someone. As to firing you because you need time off for an injury — they are not allowed, and if they do, you can take action against them.

You need to prioritize your health after a workplace accident

Your employer can get another worker to cover you, but you cannot get another body, so you need to look after the one you have. Your health has to come first.

If you have an accident at work, you need a medical check-up. A doctor may notice an injury that you are not aware of. For example, you fall from a ladder, and your back hurts a little. Par for the course you think. Yet, a doctor might notice you have damaged a vertebra in the fall, which could cause long-term complications if you carry on as if nothing happened.

Finding out more about what you should do if injured at work can help you get the treatment, rest and recovery you need without leaving you out of pocket. Philadelphia requires most employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, and it is your right to claim when you need it.

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