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Eric Stark, Esq. Speaks on Pro 2 Pro Podcast

Apr 20, 2021 | Firm News

Eric Stark, Esq. Speaks on Pro 2 Pro Podcast

Stark Law Group, LLC President Eric J. Stark recently appeared on the Pro2Pro Hour with Joe Dougherty and Marla Viturello, WWDB-AM Talk 860, a Philadelphia radio station.

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During the show, he introduced listeners to his new law firm and some of the goals associated with representing injured and aggrieved workers during an hour-long conversation.

Attorney Stark highlighted his experience on the defense side of workers’ compensation and employment law matters prior to opening his firm.  He noted that the experience on the defense side in particular allowed him to put into perspective defense strategies and tactics in these cases, such as how to respond to an offer of settlement and how to handle a client’s case that overlaps between workers’ compensation and employment law matters.  Attorney Stark noted that “low-ball” offers from the insurance company should not be taken personally, and that the client and counsel should keep their eyes fixed on the goals associated with the litigation process in spite of the insurance company’s tactics.

Clients often do not recognize that the legal issues that they have implicate multiple different areas of the law.  When analyzing your workers’ compensation claim, the attorney you choose must be able to advise you in the employment law arena as well because it will allow you to maximize the efficiency with which you approach your matter.  Attorney Stark noted that even if a client comes to him with an employment matter, he explores the prospect of whether or not a workers’ compensation claim can also be pursued.  Doing so allows your case to get to Court much more quickly than only pursuing an employment matter, where applicable.  It takes years for your employment law claim to get to state or federal court in most instances, whereas a workers’ compensation matter will be heard in a matter of months.

Among other issues touched on during the segment including Stark Law Group’s approach to Covid-19 matters, the impact of the pandemic on travel and in-person Court events, as well as how to navigate the challenge of getting appropriate treatment for clients where such treatment is virtual versus in-person.

Attorney Stark noted that while the limitation on travel has allowed him to accomplish more on behalf of his clients in less time, it is also difficult to gauge a client’s non-verbal cues, the Judge’s reaction to testimony and at least some of the interpersonal relationship senses are lost.  That is why it is so critical to be in tune with your attorney concerning all of your legal issues from day one.

Stark Law Group continues to pride itself on providing representation that is – Assertive, Approachable and Responsive.  What that means in the context of the pandemic and its challenges is that selection of your attorney is even more important now than ever.  Being able to have a strong connection, even virtual, will assist in guiding you through the challenging times that come along with any case.

Stark Law Group is very thankful to Joe and Marla for the opportunity to participate in the Pro2Pro Hour and looks forward to doing so again soon!

Listen to the Podcast

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